How to send a "curl" command from Homey to a device?

Dear all,
I have had my Homey Pro for 24 hours - but despite many googleings I cannot find an answer.
I wish to send a command from homey - this is Volumio command.
I wish to have this in a flow like;
when X happens
then send the above commando
I guess there is a simple way to do it but I cannot figure.
Many thanks in advance.

Find the flow action card “Logic — Perform a web request”

Thanks. I found that. But still cannot figure out how use it. It states:
Method: I guess post
URL: I guess the curl commando - but does not seem to work.
Please guide me!

  • curl defaults to GET, so use that for method
  • URL is just that, the URL:
  • Breadtext: leave empty
  • Delay: don’t set

Thanks now it works! Super thanks!

Hi again,
Do you by any chance know how to change volume?
Documentation says: volumio.local/api/v1/commands/?cmd=volume&volume=80
And others have had issues and qoutes should be used:
curl ‘localhost:3000/api/v1/commands/?cmd=volume&volume=20’
I have tried - none works in homey:’

From my computer this works:
curl ‘’

Thanks in advance


The quotes are required for shell commands, but the Homey flow card just needs a URL:

No quotes required.

No. That does not work I get failure message: Cannot read trim of undefined.

Add a space (just a single space) to the “Headers” field, apparently it’s not allowed to leave it empty.

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You are fantastic. Thanks!

Hi all.
help with sending the request.
how to send curl command to door station ?

working curl command

curl --user admin:password digest “

didn’t find homey tools to send request with digest authorization support.

I don’t think it’s possible.

Not the cleanest solution and probably not suited for you, but I have openwrt running on my router. Via the custom command option I trigger a shell scripts for more complex (curl) commands. That custom command can be called via a GET command in Homey.

I executed a curl request via php. Php called a get request.