How to restore Homey

I was not able to get in touch with my homey this morning. So I turned it upside down to reboot…
But, I didn’t pay attention, it actually does a factory reset, when turning upside down! :frowning:

Is there any way to restore it? I do not have the Cloud subscription for backup.
Which brings me to another Q - how do you actually backup/restore the config?
It’s quite some time spent with customization, but the subscription for backup is simply too much in my opinion. There must be a way to do a manual backup/restore.

Okay, I was actually wrong.
I actually assumed the device was completely reset after the Upside/down, as I still couldn’t connect to it.
However after power off/on it is back to normal… No config is gone - everything is fine! :slight_smile:

What is the purpose of upside/down feature?
Yet I’m still wondering about backup/restore possibilities.

Up side down only initiates the reset procedure, you’ll still need to manually follow all the setup steps to either reset your Homey to factory default, or just reset with keeping data (not backup/restore) to setup a new Wifi connection.

Backup/restore is part of the factory reset function as you do need to reset your Homey first, before you can restore.

Everything could have been found on the support pages. :wink:

If paying 10 euro for a year is to much for you, then dont complain for not having a backup option :stuck_out_tongue: