How to post output

In short: how do I output a value from an activity in a “post” or “write”-activity?

I’ve installed the google maps app, and I just want the result from “Determine duration via driving” in text so I can use it in a push-activity. I have experience with low-code from Power Automate/Flow and UiPath, where those tools have “Compose” and “Write”. What that does is what ever dynamic variable you put there, it will post the content after you’ve run the flow. Does Homey have a similar solution?

example flow that I want to create:
IF the time is 07:00
AND the day is a weekday
THEN determine duration via driving x, y
THEN “Compose - (dynvar google maps)”
THEN push text(dynvar google maps) to Finn

I guess using a 2nd flow would get you your data

-the travelingtime to work was updated
-create Timeline notification, and now press the tag icon

and with the next screen, enter ‘google’ or ‘work’ in search field

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Thanks! Feel like I should be able to solve this in one flow, two flows works fine. Also, for anyone checking out this post regarding google maps, I found this comment to be helpful as well: Google Maps? - #5 by Marcotics

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