How to make a flow with « if power is under xx watts for xx sec »?


Small question to make a flow.
I want to get a notification when my dishwasher, my washing machine and my tumble dryer are finish.
I have Shelly plug s with power measurement but the watt go under 10w (which is the limit i set) a lot in the middle of a cycle.
So my question is : how to set a thing like « if power is under 10w for 10sec » ?


Not exactly what you have asked but heve you seen this topic?
Washingmachine is ready

Works also for a dishwasher. My college uses it with a coffeemachine.
You have to play a little with the minimum and maximum power values.

Monitor your power during a cycle and see what the lowest consumption during a cycle is. And what happens when a cycle is done. If you want to add a time per se, use a count down timer. Which is started when it reaches is threshold. Have then two flows, one to stop the timer if the power rises again and one when the timer stops.

I assume you want separate notifications? My washing machine and dryer are in the basement and I created a flow that will only notify me when they both are done.

But, how does the washed stuff end up in the dryer then…? Just wondering

I can do you way better. My dishwasher has remote start! So when I’m camping in the Alps or whatnot, I can simply turn on the dishwasher, et voilá. I’m still figuring out how to upload the dishes though. :crazy_face:

Anyone can give me one good use-case that delayed start does not cover? Because if I remembered to put the dishes in, detergent, enable remote start, close the door… Hell yeah! Let’s go out and hope I don’t forget to remote turn the damn thing on at least 1.5 hours before I’m home!

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By that do you mean you do multiple loads in which there’s an overlap washing one load while drying another load…

Either that or you’ve got the latest Boston Dynamics robot working for you down there … hehe

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A flow moves the wet stuff to the dryer.
No kidding. I have to do that myself. But when washer is done the dryer isn’t. So I save myself a trip downstairs if they aren’t both done.

I was afraid you were actually gonna say that :sweat_smile: :rofl:
But you only can do the ‘batterysaving’ trip, when the dryer flow handles the first pile of clothing, and the washingmachine flow the second pile.
But, maybe we have to look for an elevator, or escalator. I thought I saw an app for those things :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sweat_smile:

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Thanks I will do that.