How to get the consumption of devices on a period?


What is the simplest way to get kwh on a period for each devices ? Not a graphic, just numbers ?


I guess the easiest way is to use the app Power by the Hour.

But you can calculate it also with flows and logic cards.

Thanks !

It seem this app can’t work with my Qubino Smart Meter.
Do you have an exemple of flows and logic cards i can try ?


Sorry for late reply!

In advance I must say that I have not tested the flow by myself. I hope that the 1 second delay when setting the current consumption is enough.
If the calculation does not work, you could extend the delay a bit. Or you could create a second flow to make sure that the calculations and setting the values into the variables definitely happens one after the other.

Please feel free to get back to me if it didn’t work.

Information and translation:
The time is 00:00

TV means: Test Variable

@jeremypsl, did it work for you?

I get the consumption values of the previous day every day (the values are not from the dryer, but from the refrigerator):