Better [timeperiod] usage graphs for devices

I seem to have a lot of devices which support an ‘Energy’ insight. This is a lifetime number, which for my dryer was a value that changed from 237kWh to 254kWh this week.

I would love to be able to put this into graphs, showing a number for each day, instead of an ever upward travelling line.

I saw the Power by the hour app, which has the same functionality, but this means that I need to have loads of those devices in my system. It would be cool if this could be part of the already existing device and available through the regular insights.

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Hi @sorted.bits ,
If you don’t want to use Power By The Hour ‘devices’ you can do it on your own, but you need two variables for each power meter / machine
When… It is 23:59
Calculate MyWashingMachineEnergyPerDay as {{ (WashingMachine)Energy - MyLastWashingMachineEnery }}
Set MyLastWashingMachineEnergy To (WashingMachine)Energy with 3 seconds delay

You just need one simple or advances flow. I am not sure, if the delay is needed. I use it to ensure that the MyLastXxxEnergy variable is set after the calculation. As I understood it is not guaranteed, even if looks to be later in the flow.
Here I used very long names for better reading. You may use abbreviations. And my variables start with My in order to see in Flows that it is a variable and not the tag of a device or similar
(WashingMachine)Energy means the energy tag of the powermeter connected to your washing machine.

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