Energy measured but why?

So since Homey show the current Power Meter inthe App for configured devices ai asked me why these parameters can not used more ??? for example the hue lights when on calculate their power meter . why they do not use the measure_power as tag for each device. also the complete measured power is not usable as Tag any more. I some situation it could be nice to ask Alexa or Siri which power level is reached in my Home or for a group of devices . what also could be a nice feature to calclulate the power used for devices so at the end of the month you can say for example : you used 1838Kwh is this month for tge following devices .at the moment the green energy page in the app is for the :wastebasket::wastebasket: they start with new features but do not think with there brain till the end . So my personal meaning is , Make it this Feature usable or remove this only looking is :-1::-1::-1::-1: i don want to create new virtual devices and logic values to use the value of complete power meter measured to use them in further flows ?

short : what i want to use :

  • if a devices has the option of power meter values ( calculated or measured) to expose them as value tag.
  • exposing the complete measured power as tag output

I’m not sure what you need exactly.
With the two flows I calculate the power consumption within 24 hours of the fridge:

i mean this values are not usable in tags

the measured power of devices who do not expose this value as measure_power sensor in their capability

dies habe ich auch so , es geht um die energiewerte die aktuell gemessen / errechnet werden aber nicht als tag in Flows weiter nutzbar . Geräte die den Stromverbrauch messen mein ich nicht sonder all die wo der verbrauch hochgerechnet wird anhand der standby verbrauch / max Verbrauch .alle Lampe z.b von phillips haben diese werte werden aber nicht als device capability in den Flows nutzbar .

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As for your answer as why they don’t use the measure_power, it says it all in the capabilites name Measure Power, philips hue doesn’t measure its power, it is an approximation (it is just a guess) of what power it uses on a certain dim level, giving a measure power capability value gives the illusion that it is being measured where it is not.