How to get aleady added devices use beta apo

I have added several devices to the stable version of qubino app, then i found out that one device was not included in The stable app so i downloaded The beta app. I added The new device but now all my Old devices are not responding, what shall I do to solve this?

i assume you had the stable version v1.1.8 - 23.11.17 and switch to the beta version v2.0.10 - 29.01.19

If so then you have ofcourse also read the information whats given at the beta version on the app page right??

Yes I have read it but Im Wonder how I get the old devices also using the beta app, do I have to include them again?

Wel if you have read why asking then? Because its clearly says, you need to re-pair your devices

“Re-pair” is not a term that everyone understands. Also, it’s “advised” (not “needed”) and it’s stated somewhere halfway down the changelog. So don’t blame users for bad documentation.

They can read… but ofcourse its all athoms fault we know you :wink:

I don’t blame Athom (hint).

Thanks, I missed thath part in the dokumentation, now I know. I tougt the furum was ment to help eachother, thats why I asked.

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Thats why i asked, did you read the information :+1:

But the main part of all, do they work again after re-adding them :grinning::grinning: