How to fork a local & cloud app nowadays?

Back in 2019, I modified an existing app for my personal project (and eventually contributed to it), simply by:

  • Forking the repo
  • Making the necessary changes
  • Installing the app on Homey
  • Happy days

Everything is a few years older now, and the app in question is now a hybrid local & cloud app: all devices have both platforms, and the main class extends OAuth2App. When I try to run this, I get an error because the OAuth2 CLIENT_ID and SECRET are not set in an env.json file, which indeed they are not: I (of course) don’t have them, because it is not my app.

But now I am a bit stumped on how to proceed. I tried changing all the app ID entries to my own and then publishing the app, but then nothing is actually published (and no errors).

What is the correct procedure to make private changes to an existing cloud app? Thanks for any advice / steps.

You’ll have to get your own Client ID and secret of the device/app/service you want to use and put them in a env.json file (so it isn’t OAuth for the bridge/cloud).
Further the development is the same on a Homey Pro, even if they support Homey (beta).

@Caseda Thanks for the quick response. I am unable to find how I should get that ID/secret, could you enlighten me?

The API that the app uses requires them, and will typically provide them (usually, by registering yourself as a developer).