How to do direct associations in Homey 2.0?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to do direct associations between 2 different MCO switches in my home. I found instructions and pictures showing the configuration in the webapp for v1.5 but have not seen anything for v2.0. Going into the settings page or advanced configuration of the switches also does not seem to have any settings for the association groups. Can someone help pls? Thanks!!

It is right there in the advanced settings

The amount of groups will be different, but they will be in the same spot (below the other, device specific, advanced settings)

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Stupid me. I checked the advanced setting of the subdevice instead of the device which is why I didn’t see the associations. Thanks!!!

I have a question about Direct Associations and this maybe seems the best place to continue the conversation…

What is the benefit of a direct association as opposed to using a flow - does this negate the need for Homey to be on?

Also, can I directly associate one switch with multiple devices for example? Or is that a 1-1 relationship?

So yes, you don’t need Homey. And no, there seems to be the need for a master-slave relation.

Maybe your goal can be reached better with a couple of Homey flows…

as already told by pascal it indeed doesn’t need Homey then, so it is a little faster too.

But you can add multiple devices in the association group, the maximum amount usually isn’t big though (between 1 - 8, with mostly 5 ID’s/devices), you can see how many ID’s you can add at the association group’s information (click on the group) of the sending device.