How to distinguish 2 homeys in the smartphone app?

I have 2 homeys in 2 different places.
I am finding myself lighting the heater in the wrong house and then having to go to the toplevel to check which one is active in the app.
Is there a way to know at a glance which one is active in the app ?

Is there a way to set a backgroung image in the app ?


Nope, but are both Family members the same?

  1. Rename the Homey

  2. Rename the root Zone


or place a Nice Device as First Favorite, Homey or it’s Weather

(Both in Mobile App as in WebApp it is the same)

O, and Rename the Heater / Thermostat :wink:

Nice ideas, Geurt!
@ricercar You can also consider adding a guest user account to both Homey’s, with ‘Homey 1’ as user name for the first Homey, and for the other Homey ‘Homey 2’ as user name
It’ll show as H1 and H2 if I’m right



Thanks for the workarounds :slight_smile: though I’m surprised Athom doesn’t provide a native means to do that

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Most probably it’s priority.
There’s a small group of users with more than one Homey Pro, but, that’s just a guess (how many posts I’ve read about the Pro being expensive…).
Athom should have a number on that :bar_chart:
And tbh, through the years, I’ve seen very few posts with a similar question.