How to create a reusable piece of advanced flow?

Hi Everyone,

I want to create a flow which will describe the procedure of opening and closing my motorized window shade. I have 10 motorized windows and I do not want to create 10 similar flows for every window. Plus I’m planning to make some adjustments to my “procedure”. I would like to do the change in one place and not everywhere. At the end I want to say something like this:

please apply window closing “procedure” on device abc and xyz. Is it possible to do that in homey?

Well, if you use the apps Advanced Triggers and Device Capabilities. Than you have dynamic ways of setting devices.

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I’m not getting how should I combine those two to achieve my goal. Could you please give me a hint?

With Device Capabilities, you can set any property of a device, by name if i remember correctly.

Well, with Advanced Triggers, you can create subroutines and pass device names.

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As far as I can see I have to choose a specific device with Device Capabilities card. I can’t use wildcards or anything like that.

Possibly use the < group > app and create flows for the groups?

M, okay, i need to check, i thought i had that card implemented already. I’ll check this week.

Hello gulgez

I control all my flows via the Advanced Triggers app and it works flawlessly. I have written various basic flows which I can then call up (analogous to events).

Example of my logger flow: