How to configure Z-Wave group with roller shutter and z-wave remote

Hi !
I’ll try to be clear :slight_smile:
I have 2 roller shutter fibaro FGR-223 z-wave controlled. The internal firmware is 5.1
They are configured in Homey and everything is ok.
I use a Nodon Octan Remote that is a Z-wave remote control.
I also configured it into Homey and I can get datas from it (by triggering flows).

Now, I wish to link my remote control to my roller shutter without using Homey Flows. I know that Z-wave let us doing that.

Assume that Z-Wave Ids are the following :

The octan remote could be configured to use single / double buttons and scene mode. That changes the way to drives slaves.
So I try by mixing all options without any chance.

My question is the Following : What do I need to configure in Group association in the Advanced parameters of the octan remote ?
Group 1 is reserved to Homey
Groups 2 to 7 correspond to buttons.
I tryed to input four different configs in each groups or only few but nothing happens :
“4” => my first tries. In my understanding, I have to input the devide id that is 4 or 5 in my case ?
“1,4” => 1 is homey and 4 the blind
“1-4” => the parameter is not saved. the interface seems doesn’t supporting the dash “-”
“1.4” => same as the dash. The parameter is not saved. the interface seems doesn’t supporting the point “.”

Is someone could help me to understand what I have to configure in groups ?
Everything is up to date (Fibaro App and Homey firmware).

Thanks in advance for your help !

As far I can see, the Nodon Octan Remote is include unsecure and ther RS3 secure.
So it’s not possible to control the RS3 with Nodon Octan Remote via associations.

Unless you include the rs3 insecure.
But the Fibaro app doesn’t have the possibility, as far I know.

Ok thanks for your reply.
So it would not be easy. I bought a zwave remote especially for that.
The raw commands couldn’t help me to switch RS3 to unsecure ?