How to add time to logic number


I have some flows using the countdown app to inform me that the garage door is still open.
The flow sends me a push message when the countdown time has run out (900), then restarts the countdown. So I basically get a push message every 15 minutes, until the garage door is closed.

Now I want to increase the time between messages.

My thought would be to have two logic values.
NrReminders = 1

Now I want the flow to increase the NrReminders by 1, and CalculatedTime = NrReminders*900.
This would make the time between push messages to be increased by 15 minutes after every push message. (To decrease the number of push message when the garage door is open for a valid reason)

I can’t figure out how to calculate “NrReminders*900” (I do know how to increase NrReminders).

Then finally when the garage door is closed again, I can ‘reset’ NrReminders and CalculatedTime.

If this is explained somewhere else, please forgive me, but I could not find anything relevant.

many regards,
Twan Veugelers

Have a look here, how to calculate:
Why does this not work? (logic to calculate an average and save the result)

I’m completely overthinking things.

If I can increase the NrReminders by 1 I can much better have 1 logicvalue, CalculatedTime, and Increase that by 900. Just as easy.

So my issue is solved.
I will read the suggested topic by @JPe4619.

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