How many Portuguese using Homey?

I just wonder how many people in Portugal use Homey ?:sweat_smile:
I believe i’m the only user, just checking if I’m wrong :grin:
I hope i am!

Do people from Down Under count as Portuguese? :crazy_face: I mean we are multicultural here, for sure I can find a bunch of them in no time.

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I actually had to Google “Down Under” :sweat_smile:

But i believe you are talking from this lands in the map? :thinking:

If soo, your pretty far away from Portugal :sweat_smile:

But you and everyone are very welcome on this nation anytime! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m from The Netherlands.
Does that count too?

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🤦 No!:sweat_smile:

Although your name looks pretty Portuguese :thinking:

My point was to check if there was any native Portuguese speaking users using homey, doesn’t need to be in Portugal.

Bom dia

Euw faloe un pocosinjoe portugese :joy:

Thats my best attempt

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I would understand you, it’s not bad :ok_hand:
( Eu falo um pouco de Português ) The Right way :sweat_smile:

I’m already seeing that i’m alone, should get a reward from Athom for being the only user in Portugal :rofl: