I was just wondering if anyone in Australia is using Homey and if so what are your thoughts on it?

Last year @danone commented on a post of mine. He wrote that he is based in Australia. As he wrote this publicly on the old forum, I guess it is OK to post this information here, too.

He might have moved in the meanwhile…

Thanks for that. I’ll message him soon.

@Eternity Nope, I haven’t moved :sunglasses: Looking forward for the summer now…

@gwilliamb Australia here too :grinning: I am a big fan of Homey now… and it appears to only be getting better (V2 hopefully not too far away). There is an Australian Slack channel devoted to Aussie Homey users, please come check it out.

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Hey Brad, what is the name of the OZ Slack channel please?

@CitizenxNZ Do you have a Slack account? If so, I will send you an invite :grinning:

@gwilliamb I’ve been impressed by Homey, it’s communtity, company communication, and support for the “goto” products available in Australia.

And as mentioned by @Smarthome it’s only getting better.

@gwilliamb I did send you a DM with my thoughts on Homey. As @Jamie and @Smarthome mentioned above, come on Slack and we shall invite you on our small AUS/NZ community…

Hi there,
Yep I am now now on Slack under the name of Gwilliamb
Hope this is all you need for the invite.

Can I please also get added to the Slack channel. Slack name is Azz24


Azz24 [1:56 PM] joined australia by invitation from danone.

:astonished: Danone is on top of it

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I’m a new Aussie Homey user in Adelaide. Would love to join the Slack channel.

@Tiggerito Great. The more the merrier :+1: What is your Slack username and someone will send you an invite :grinning:

I’m in as Tiggerito

@Tiggerito An invitation has been sent :+1:

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Just out of curiosity, how many Australians are on board?

Quality > Quantity.


Brad, would you please add me to the slack channel? username “zlochevsky”. cheers

I couldn’t find a user by that name.