@RZLO As Jamie said, no such username on Slack.
If you can please first join Slack and then one of us can invite you to the AUS channel. :grinning:

Thanks, guys
Interesting… I did setup a slack account last night and I’m all set there. Perhaps the login is isn’t the same as “display name”?
If not… silly question - where do I find my slack ID? I’m definitely logged in!

If you are connected and now sitting with in the #homey Channel? Just send me a DM - @jamie / @brad / @danone (or anyone else you know is in the channel) and we will add you.

If your not in the #homey channel, odds are you might need to get an invite.

  1. Head to and request an invite.
  2. Download the pc/mac program from or iphone/andriod from app/play store.
  3. Click the link supplied you receive your invite from “Emile”.
  4. Join the ‘athomcommunity’

The community can also be viewed in your browser at


And I can tell you that Athom community is an awesome community. :grinning:

@Jamie Awesome! That will help a lot of people in Aus!

Hi Brad, can you please add me as well - new Homey user…patiently waiting for Reno to be completed so I can start playing. Slack username is maccattack.


Is this channel still open? If so let me know,

Sure is - hit me up on slack :slight_smile: