How can you set sensor as default tab on the device


I have actions, sensors and batt on my solaredge app. Now I like to make sensors the default tab and not actions so you cannot make a mistake when you open the device and do some action.

Thanks Edwin

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It’s not currently possible as it is hard coded into the phone app as far as I know.

thanks but some devices do that , I see it on all my zwave ,zigbee smart socket plugs. so homey decided to do that also because I guess you don’t want to shut off by mistake.

I looked into it and also noticed some of my apps skip the buttons tab to show the status values. I have tried to figure out why but have no idea, so I asked Athom. Their reply was it is not possible.

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Ah, a further update from Athom, the quick action tab is skipped when the device is opened. So if a button is defined as the Quick Action (the one that operates when the tile is taped) it is bypassed when the tile is opened.

lets me try that. thanks

yep, only works on boolean actions, maybe we can do a feature request.