How can I add devices of Elero? (blinds, 868 MHz)


I have blinds of company Elero. they communicate with the technology 868 MHz. I already have connected them to the gateway Elero Centero, so they are already smart and I can control them with my iPhone. unfortunately the app Centero isn’t user friendly and I don’t like it at all.

anyway, I really want to integrate them in the Homey app. somebody can help me please?


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Is there an app for it? App for homey I mean

unfortunately no. but the technology to communicate with these blinds is there (868 MHz).

Yes but you need an app. There is no way to do a plain communication. You could try to include but can’t imagine it’ll work. There is a thread to request an app but no guarantees.

If you are an advanced user you could try and connect the blinds to home assistance and connect them back to homey. But then you’ll need lots of time and other stuff.

thanks for your message. how can I request officially an app? I’d like to do that. I’m half advanced user. not really pro, but I have some knowledge and I would like to try anything, in order to integrate the blinds in Homey System. I totally understand, that without app, I will not get a fully experience and 100% of functions. but I would be happy if I have at least the basic functions. I already bought Homey and I cannot change the blinds. so I’d like to take advantage of what I have. I can invest some time… thank you!!

When you Search for “app request” you will find it. That is a forum request.

You can also request an official app @athom.
Look at the bottom (the page is device request, app request needs login)

Have tried to add them using any of the existing blind-apps?
Sunny, Brel, Forest, Bofu, Motion blinds, Soma to name a few.
Mayby, just maybe this might work.
(e.g. Works for Brel and Dooya)

Thanks for your message. I tried all of these. Nothing work.

I wrote to the company Elero and they answered they aren’t compatible with homey: “ Wir arbeiten zwar auf der 868 MHz Frequenz, doch verwenden wir ein eigenes Funkprotokoll. Daher sind wir nicht kompatibel zu Homey.”

I wouldn’t like to give up. If they make an app to communicate with homey, it would be grate. But I don’t think they are motivated to do that. They just answered like that without adding more informations. Can somebody else make this app? Is it possible? I ask myself if there an other solution…

Thanks. I will do that :wink:

They literally are saying that they are using a proprietary protocol, in human language you could also say it as “trying to put a car engine in a car that it can’t fit into”.

In short, they say it is impossible.

I understand. But the technology has endless solutions and maybe somebody has a secret way to make it work… I’m not a pro but I could donate something if a developer finds a solution.

Elero can continue with his protocol but they could make an app for homey, where this protocol is translated, in order to be compatible and make more users happy. We live with many different systems and it’s not cool if a company keep in his way, with secret closed languages, obliging users to have many devices. They should let us combine the systems and having easier ways to communicate between them. I would not recommend this company and this way of thinking!!

I appreciate what Homey does. That’s the way it should be. A device for everything, with all technologies together. So easy as that. Thank you. I love that!

Unfortunately there are these stupids secrets useless protocols… which brings problems and make all more complicated :frowning:

Sorry guys, I’m so disappointed and I wanted to set my thinking free…

Hi Lupo,

Did you get any further with your request? I just recently installed sun screens with Elero engines, and you like to hook them up to my Homey Pro (when I recieve it).

Hi. Thanks for your message. I honestly gave up. I didn’t find any solutions to bring elero into homey. I connected elero with mediola. I hope i can connect mediola to homey in the future. That would be great. Who knows…

The new Homey Pro (Early 2023) does not support RF 868 MHz. So you definitely need some sort of bridge for Elro to support that. No options anymore to get it directly connected to Homey’s own RF if that would be decoded to an Homey app.

Hi. That’s an information I didn’t have/check it. Thanks. Can i keep mediola and control/conmect it with homey, with the new one? Through matter technology maybe? Is it possible? Thanks.

How is mediola connected now?

Mediola is connected with wifi and works alone with itself. I also have a connection with mediola-cloud. I pay something every 2 years. In mediola i only have products of elero.

But how do you control it with the current (white ball) Homey?

I didn’t. There is no connection between mediola and homey. That’s what I wish to have , now or in the future. As soon as possible.

Maybe Ask mediola for a Homey app or support for Matter.