HomeyScripts not working

Three days ago Homeyscripts stopped working.
No scripts are running and when I try to connect to Homeyscripts I get “Homey offline”
And when I check server status at homeys site it says that Homeyconnect is in Maintenence ?

Is the problem at my end or at Athom ?

I usually get “Homey offline” when I try to open the HomeyScript website, logging out and back in again solves that for me.

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I usually have this for flow.homey.app,
Homeyscript works here but reports every result twice.
That is a known issue and Athom advises to restart Homey but that didn’t solve it.

If I logout out and in in Homeyscript I can get in and see my Scripts.
But the variables set på script dont show up in flows.

Your two action cards are missing a tag or value [?]
So pls first fix your flow.

But I cant fix flow because I need tag from HomeyScript…

Just run it once manual to create the tag, after that only update the tag in the script.

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Thanks, that workey and I could now choose my variable.