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const keys = global.keys();
keys.forEach( element => console.log( JSON.stringify('\/'+'\/'+'global.set('+'\'' +element +'\'' +'\,' +'undefined)' ) ) );

I am trying to remove the quotes, but i haven’t have success. I use JSON. stringify because the list is to long for the noramlly used JSON. The reason for this script is having an easy method for removing too many global variables

I have no idea what you’re trying to do, can you explain a bit more? Do you want to remove all global variables?

What i want is a list of all globals. Like this:
//global.set(‘variable’, undefined). That way i can delete the global variables i want by deleting the slashes. At this moment i get the next output: “//global.set(‘variable’, undefined)”.

As i am fooling around with a script, i have to many variables, this way i can delete those variables by hand that i don’t need anymore .

this is an example of a part of the list;

Something like this?

for (const key of global.keys()) {
  console.log(`// global.set('${ key }', undefined)`);
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exactly what i needed. thx

I tried this to see if it would help me solve my problem with global.get and global.set. I got this result.
// global.set(‘DischargeState’, undefined)
// global.set(‘ChargeState’, undefined)
// global.set(‘preserveState’, undefined)

I know these variable. They are logical variable set to No, although preserveState is actually spelt PreserveState.

Why are these the only variables found? Is there something I need to do to make them global? I though Global was the default.

Is it something about lodash? I admit I don’t understand lodash.