Homey's Offline capabilities tested! [v2.0.0-rc.x]

Hi! I ran one of your test cases today (2022-01-09).

I pulled out the internet cable from my router.

After doing that i am actually to be able to reach my Homey Pro with my iPhone.

But the app my iPad cannot access and report that Homey is off line.

Also through web on a Windows PC falls to access the Homey when internet cable is pulled our.

Sorry. Today 2022-01-09. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Web app uses internet, so it doesn’t work without it.

Ok. But why can i not access Homey without internet on my iPad?

Is the iPhone-app built in a different way that iPad-app?

Don’t have iDevices. Android phone & tablet works fine offline using the Homey app.
How many times did you try the “Try to connect” button on the ipad Homey app?

Not sure. A coupe of times.

I have the same problem.
I am using our Homey Pro to automate our sailboat and this is very problematic when we are out sailing as the boat WiFi is not always connected to the internet.

If rebooting the Homey Pro it actually works to connect to it for a few minutes before not working anymore. That is the only workaround I have found.

I am connecting with an iPhone 11 and the router is a Teltonika X11.

So does it have to be the same WI-Fi network, or just same local network? Cause its a bit tricky as modern smartphones tend to prefer (for a reason) to go over 5Ghz where homey has only 2.4 that is a bit “outdated”

My phone also preferes 5MHz above 2.4MHz but that’s no problem for connecting to Homey, one of my GoogleHomeMini speakers also switched to 5MHz and did not function anymore as a Homey speaker, after blocking it on 5MHz, it connected to 2.4MHz and was working fine again.