Homeyduino measuring volume in liters

Hello , i am using homeyduino with an 8266 nodemcu connected with a throw in pressure sensor, putting out a 4-20 ma output in current loop.
In homeyduino i am using the capability “measure water” ,giving me a reading in homey in L/min.I would like to know if I can change this in just liters.
Of course I can use it as is , its just the number displayed that is important , but would of liked it the right way.
Actually I cant understand that there in no standard capability of reading a volume in liters in homeyduino , or am I overlooking this ?
I looked in the app.sjon but couldn’t find the cababilities too change them , if some one can point me in the right direction , I would appreciate it.

You can use the capability: meter_water
Unfortunately this is not in liters but in qubic-meters.