Homeyduino: are multiple classes on single Arduino possible?

Is it possible to create multiple classes to a Homeyduino project? For example I created motorized curtain controller and with the class “curtain” and with the capability “windowcoverings_set” and I can adjust the curtain position. Also in Apple Homekit it turns up as a curtain -device.

Now there are a lot of extra giopins to control various things. For example I would like to add simple switches to control lights. Is it possible to create an extra class that is separate from the curtains (and a separate device)? Or is the only solution to add an extra “capability” to the “curtain”-class (What would clutter the device settings with illogical options.)

As far as I know, a single hardware module is added as a single device in Homey, which means it can only have one class. You can add multiple capabilities to the device, but like you said, it will clutter the device settings.

That’s unfortunate…

What would happen if I duplicate and include the whole Homeyduino library, and rename every “homey” instance in the library to “homey2”. And do something like this:


Would Homey add separate devices, or would homey base its device handling on ip addresses?
I should just try it, but what if it creates a paradox which would implode the complete space time continuum and wipe out the universe as we know it…

That would have been my suggestion too :sweat_smile: