Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

As @2be observed on slack, It’s not broken, so doesn’t need to be fixed. Could be added however I guess

It is indeed something that’s not supported in homeydash.com at this point in time.
It can be added but it’s not first in line after the dim functionality is completed.


Is there something ‘off’ in the (afronding) of the temp in homey dash ??

This is the current temp of my ‘keuken’. 24.99

As you can see here, ‘keuken’ does net get a 24.9 (or 25) but gets a 24 (strange round off)

Yes, that’s a bug, good find!
Is fixed in a next version (not yet available, no eta yet)


Can I do the setup from an ipad or does it require a computer with chrome.?

@Bigbrother_Jason [quote=“Rocodamelshe, post:1, topic:13509”]
Also different themes are available like iPad and iPhone theme.

this is in the first post of this item, to much work to read or to search?

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Thanks I have read all of them. Sarcasm is not nice.
The INSTALL instructions talk about chrome and seem to require computer ( ie right click etc) all I was asking is if the installation can be done only with ipad, no computer.

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Hi Jason,

I think you need to use for the first step a computer, to get your token (I don’t know an option on the iPad for this, maybe someone else?) , but you can do that on a computer from a friend, family member or something like that if you don’t have one yourself.
After that you don’t have to install anything on your iPad, computer if you use HomeyDash, this is an external hosted application build by @DaneedeKruyff and is hosted on a web server by @Rocodamelshekima

Please review this post that explains the steps to follow

Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Ok, thanks, i will borrow a computer and test! Thank you again!

I tried on a IPad, did not work.

I am loving your Homeydash on an iPad! I have set it to kiosk mode, this also works directly from the lock screen. One thing though: it doesn’t refresh the page when opening it from sleep/lock screen. Any tips regarding this? Fully aware that this is probably an iPad thing!

i had the problem too with my ipad. I could solve it by using the homeydash dim variant with a motion sensor:

when nobody in the house: 0% dim
idle mode: 25% dim
on motion: 100% dim

the iPad will never be locked

it works very well


How do you switch between the different rooms on the interface?

I have a Google nest Hub in different rooms (living room/kitchen, bedroom) and just use a different token (Account) from Homey and just cast the different url’s to my different hubs.
In my desk I have a wall mounted tv with a raspberry pi where I have a global overview for the complete house together with DAKboard for my calendar.

I’m my bedroom I also use a remote to cast the different urls to the hub because the screen of the hub is to smal, to get a clear overview from the whole house, So I just cast the different Urls with flows that I activate with the remote.





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Always a good excuse to get another motion sensor :smirk:


What kind of sensors are you using for you orchids?

Didnt know about these ones! Thnx for enlighting me

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