Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

@Joost_van_Kempen - thanks for you comments and indeed sounds promising then =)

@M_a_r_c_o - that is a worry I have too, thinking on having the charger for the tablet to be a smartplug - and set that to a scheme to charge the tablet when needed.

I also use Fully Kiosk Browser, but with my tablet the motion is to sensitive, we walk often in front of the tablet.
The option with a separate motion sensor is possible using the Homey Dash dimmer device, but then Homeydash is going on black, but brilliance is still on original value.
Or connecting the motion sensor to a Tasker app trigger.

Just using Androids auto brilliance is good enough for us.

Where can I find some documentation about it? Or an how to?

Fully can also disable the screen on charger disconnect and turn it on again when charger is plugged in (or was this an android feature?). I use this to turn off the tablet when nobody is at home. Then the screen is off and it runs on battery, as I get home it turns on and gets charged again. During night I turn off the screen manually to allow the battery to charge to a 100% because the battery of my old samsung is not so good anymore.

And BTW, you can try all paid features in fully first, a watermark is placed in the screen. If it works well for you, pay the few euro’s and the watermark disappears.

this is the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.ozerov.fully

As @KvM is saying you can test all functions before buying. There are a lot of settngs, all speak for themselves or have explanation next to it.

Motion sensitivity can be adjusted. I’ve placed the tablet on a stand in a corner of the kitchen counter top. It only turns on when I reach out to touch it. So when my hand is about 10-15cm away the screen will light up.

Only issue I experience is that with sensitivity set to low, the screen won’t respond when there is little light. Like in the evening and the main kitchen lights off, it won’t start. Then I just push the on-button on the tablet.

I use an iPad you can lock / unlock it with an ESP32 emulating a blutooth keyboard. (controlled by homey using HomeyDuino). So you can unlock it if Homey detects movement from a motion detector or something.


I got it working on an Asus zenpad with fully kiosk.

But after a few days realized that homey dash was better on my desktop for a better overview and set kiosk to look at my netatmo weather overview instead as the family more often wanted a better overview of the weather and forecast. Ordered some magnets and will place it on the fridge.

hello dashboard users,

I’m new in the world of homey and also dashboard ofcourse.
i have tried a couple of times te get homey dash on mine very very old iPad. this doesn’t work out. I can’t get chrome on my iPad, App Store says its not compatibel with this iPad :cry:

i have tried to send the link I made on mij Mac, but that doesn’t work either.

does anyone here know how I get this working?

different options are also welcome, I see many different tablets, e-readers or google hub passing by and I don’t know what’s best for me. Perhaps someone here can tell me what the best solution is for my situation?

this is the place I want it to hang, its in the kitchen by the door to the hall.!

You are using an ipad 2?, that works on https://homeydash.com but i think the cornellise version is not made compatible with the old ios 9 ipads, like the normal homeydash version.

yes I have a iPad 2, I have tried homeydash, but It shows the samen problems.

That’s not a iPad2 problem, that’s a wrong url problem.
U did follow the instructions from the first post aye?
Can u show us the complete url u are using. Plz mark the passwords or ID’s and token with xx’s
U can also PM me if u like.

it work on my iPad now. Thanks to Roco


I am using a Nest Hub for the Dashboard website. Unfortunately the screensaver overlays the website after some minutes.
I did some searching here, but still have no clue how to prevent this from happening and keep the Dashboard alive.

then read better because its answerd, i would suggest start reading somewhere at post 840

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Read farther then joer nose lang is :wink:

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hello, i have installed homey dash local on the homey and i use two nest hubs with cast and motion detectors for display. actually everything works quite well and belongs. but every few days it means that one of the hubs forgets its settings. For example. the arrangement or change of symbols. or also that I have currently set temperature displays at … has an idea how I can do that?

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I am trying to install the app, but I get this message:
An unkown error has occured [incompatible_app_version]

Any ideas?

The app is outdated. Please check on the first post in this thread. It should actually provide the details you are looking for. @Bogdan_Iordanescu

If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate.

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