Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Thank for your reply! I’m not really sure what you mean by button. I’ll include pictures of the setup when I add a virtual device. What should I pick?

Socket or light, both should work.

Looks like it’s working, thx :slight_smile:

Good to hear, have fun with Homey👍

Interesting :thinking: I will give it a try

I have found a great widget based dashboard (free and open source).“Node red” With some struggling it works with Homey. It would be great if the Homeydash developers could code a Homey send and receive plugin for it. (to eliminate the use of MQTT).

I made a complete project topic about it: Node Red: A widget based dashboard working with Homey trough MQTT


Dont know what i’m doing wrong - followed the instructions and tested on ipad and on computer with the same results. I’m missing the settings in the top right corner that I can see in other examples.
Also I cant make it parse the language option &lang=sv or theme=ipad as examples.

Hello Robin, welcome.
It seems to me you’re not connecting to homeydash.com but to homey.ink. Please replace https://homey.ink with https://homeydash.com in the address bar of your browser.


I tried it and it works but only “once” :wink: there is a feature like refresh background every x seconds missing :wink:

Then ur not using a live feed me guess

I use a live stream… I will test it on a chrome browser now

Hard to get it running in a Chrome browser me guess. Chrome hates the cam feed. But have it running on an old iPad here.

Thanks!! rookie misstake :wink:

Hey there,
Is there a way to make the iPad remain unlocked while a device is on, and when that device turns off, the screen turns off as well and the iPad gets locked?
I’m thinking of a fairly secure way to let the iPad act as a panel for the alarm.

No, homeydash.com is basically just a webpage, webpages have no access to functions in your iPad.

I realize this too, but I also came to think of when a webpage is displaying video, like Netflix or YouTube, then the screen remains on.
Perhaps it would be possible to simulate something similar?

I think it’s possible, but I’m not entirely sure. If it’s an iPad iPad 4 or higher (that uses Bluetooth LE ) you can use an ESP32 and emulate an Bluetooth keyboard and run Homeyduino on it. You can definitely lock and unlock the iPad using Bluetooth keystrokes. But I also think (never tried it) you can unlock a passcode locked iPad by typing the passcode on the Bluetooth keyboard. If this is possible, the ESP32 could also be programmed to emulate keystrokes.

I personally use a Wemos D1 to lock and unlock my iPad 2. I soldered a wire on the hall sensor which detect a magnetic cover (I do not recommend it, I needed to open up the iPad anyway to replace the dock connector).

Just remember, if you are really using this thing for secure things… Blocking the way to a webpage by blocking the computer, isn’t a really secure way :wink:

Does this not work with V2? (early 2019) ?

What doesn’t work with 2019 edition?

Hi, I managed to setup the Dashboard but the only thing I see is the " FAVORITE DEVICES" I can’t see the other devices! any help please?