Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Actually, not all options are available in the iPhone theme. You are seeing all options that are available.

Ah, ok. Is it possible to add the zoom option to iPhone? The device tiles are so big and take up unnecessary space on the X.

The new temp option in the dashboard is nice, but indoor and outdoor is changed.
For indoor I can only choose for “current weather” and for outdoor I can choose “current weather” of “Homey build-in”


Great work, i love the Homeydash.
I’m running it on the Google Nest Hub and it works great!
I’ve sent you (and Rob) a small donation, keep up the good work!


I don’t understand what you mean, for outdoor you can choose between Homey build-in and any of your devices that have the measure_temperature capability.
For indoor you can choose between None and any of your devices that have the measure_temperature capability.
This is how it has been since the feature to select your temperature sources was introduced.

The dashboard is updated to version 1.1.1

These are the changes

  • Alarms added, Pull Request by Salingduck
  • Added schedule to alarm tile
  • Added ability to alarm tiles to disable/enable alarms

Thanks to @SailingDuck alarms are now available in homeydash.com.
You can enable and disable alarms from homeydash.com. The tiles do not update yet when the alarm state is changed in the Homey app.

(Pages may be cached, please be patient when the changes aren’t available for you yet)



Question: how can I best remove the blue background?

The DIM dashboard solution only works for the text and icons with me, but not for background brightness at my Android tablet. I use SvipKiosk as browser.

Should I place a black image on a (public) server?

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Or any other image as a background.


With http://www.ucatx.cat/wallpic/full/134/1347896/uc-browser-theme-wallpaper.jpg i get the full dim now :slight_smile: (free stock image)

Will save it for future to place on my own server leter. Logo also works :+1:

Is it possible to add an alternative background using the Google hub, i cannot add tekst on the Google hub.

I also use the Google Hub and a few versions back Homeydash sometimes came up with a solid black background after a restart.
I really liked that black background but with the last versions it only shows the standard blue background again.
Because the Google Hub doesn’t allow any text input, you can’t select an url for a custom background.
So it would be nice to have a button in the settings to select the default blue or a solid black background.
Homeydash works super with the Google Hub!!

For simple urls u can just add behind ur existing url:
“&background=Url-to-ur-background” without the quotes.
More complicated urls are also possible but u need the url encoded. Go click the link and fill in the url to ur background.
After that u add behind ur url:
“&background=encoded-url” without the quotes.

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Alternatively you can create the url from homeydash.com itself. Just configure the background you desire on a system where you can. After the first save the url will have the &background= included in the needed format. Just copy that url to the flowcard you use to start homeydash.com on your Google Hub.


I have a simple request that will likely get me flamed by apple fanboys

Any chance it could say -
iphone SmartPhone
ipad Tablet

Nothing bugs me more than on android device selecting iphone

I fully expect you to say no… but just thought id ask


I tried this url encoding with background and logo and both did not work in my FireFox 60.x.x on windows.


See screenshots.
My Homey is in the house “Binnen temperatuur” but I can only choose current weather or None.

For outside “Buiten temperatuur” I can choose Homey built-in or current weather.
So I think Homey built-in is a temp sensor in the Homey to measure the temp in the near location. In my case the Homey is indoor and want to choose “Binnen temperatuur” = Homey built-in

Am I wrong?

Install the Openweather App for more local weather information.

Not sure, but may be spaces between &background= http:… is a cause of not working, will try again.

I have no Android devices and test everything on iPads and iPhones and I can predict how homeydash.com will look on those devices since there isn’t much deviation between those devices. There is however much deviation between non Apple phones and tablets so when I say phones and tablet people will expect it to look good on their particular device, something I won’t be able to test, judge or support.

I have no problem using this on Firefox, that said, I recommend using Chrome as that is what I use in development. Also, for local use you don’t need this functionality this is just there to create a link for use with a Google Hub.

Homey Built-in is weather information for your location retrieved by Homey from an online weather service and represents outside weather information. It would make no sense to select it for Indoor Temperature (Binnen temperatuur)

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Is there a road-map for new features and stuff or where do you want to go with this application and what are the possibility’s and power of this app in the future?