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I am currently using Homeydash but want to use multiple Ipads with Homeydash and want to show a different dashboard per Ipad (for example, we have a guestroom where I want to show different icons and in the TV room I only want to show the icons below). How can I accomodate this?

You can do this by creating new users that will then have their own rooms.
From there it’s a matter of creating favorite flows/devices per user and then setting up Homeydash for that specific user.
Some people have been dealing with expired tokens on other users (me included), but for most this seems to work as intended :slight_smile:


Too bad it doesn’t work anymore on Google hub, because of Fuchsia. Or is there a solution already?

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Are there any plans to support advanced flows in the favorites, as currently I have to work around this by creating a regular flow that starts the advanced flow?

You can favourite advanced flows in the phone app

I tried asking this question in [App][Pro] Virtual Devices but received no reply - hope someone here has a suggestion to show the status?

Is it possible to add a virtual device or something else, with a value of a text Variable?

I have a HomeyScript that retrieves the status from my Bosch Indego Connect robot mower, and I then set a text variable. So the value can be:

  • Docked
  • Border cut
  • Mowing
  • Charing
  • Idle in lawn
  • Spot Mowe
  • Mow without dock

I want to show this in a nice way in a device on Homeydash, preferably via the virtual device I have set up for the robot.

You could try the new device capabilities app:


Indeed, with Device Capabilities’s new Advanced Virtual Device, its possible!

It’s just, the App itself is years old :wink:

And for questions or following the development, see [APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices - Apps - Homey Community Forum

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Also another updated app by Arie is H.O.O.P.
You now can change the original device name with flows.

This way you can alternate between device name and it’s status via flows:

This is done with the original device!

Peek 2022-09-08 01-09
(right click and open in new tab for big screen view)

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I just started using homeydash and so far it´s looking good.
My homey is in my home but I am using my homey to control lights and logging temperatures in my vacation home as well. Homeydash is showing sunrise/suset based on homeys location ( I think).
Is it possible to display another location on my homedash?
My vacation home is in another timezone and obviously has diffrent sunrise/sunset times.

Can I use this on my old kindle? Or only pads and phones? How about my google nest?

You can move your location on the map to your vacation home. Then it’ll use the sun events of the timezone there.
Do turn off “Let Homey find my location automatically” and “Home/Away detection”

In the mobile app, goto …More>Settings>Location

That workaround would not work well. My lamps in my house where homey is located will then be turned on/off based on my vacation home´s sunset/sunrise - not very practical.!

True that. But you didn’t write your lights were triggered by sun events :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How is everything in your vacation home connected?
Can you create a Homey (cloud) for that location and connect your Lights to that Homey? Or let Homey (cloud) trigger on Sunrise/Sunset and do a WebRequest or something?

BTW this is getting pretty offtopic this way.

To be on-topic: No, it is not possible to add / show another TimeZone / location than the Homey Location.

How did you do? Can you tell me?

Hello, very new to Homey, so please bare with me. But when I try Homeydash I get the correct look in the web browser, however I cannot see any information related to my system?

It happens to me very often that i have to refresh the page several times to get a proper layout.

This is really nice, and using the favorites from Homey makes everything simple.

I have one wish that should be fairly easy:

The wall-mounted iPad and especially the wall mounted iPhone are unreadable at more than a meter or two distance, it would be great to be able to adjust sizes, either by a slider in the settings so that the heading and the icons are enlarged, or just use a layout that optimises the sizes to fit on the screen.

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