Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Please do (via slack please) so I can have a look at it.

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Is it possible to add a clock to the web theme?


Will do this by default from now on :slight_smile:

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Currently the button already has the options to show the values. Click on the button (click long) so the value will change. Is that what you wanted to see @Spoelly?


After hours of searching and testing @DaneedeKruyff made it possible to run Homeydash.com on the old iPads!! Now running on IOS 9.x !!


The dashboard is updated to version 1.0.4

These are the changes

  • iOS 9 support

As @Rocodamelshekima mentioned above homeydash can now be used on devices that run iOS 9. That means you can now use homeydash on an iPad 2 and iPad Mini (Gen 1) and newer. Thanks to @Rocodamelshekima for putting in the hours of testing!


Yes!! this is what i would like to see!

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Just to be sure, you say would. Does that mean you are not seeing that information?
The screenshots @Andre_Prins posted are from the publicly available online version.

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@DaneedeKruyff i am seeing it, but it would be nicer if i could see it without pushing the button on the screen. (an auto cycle in the button or both info shown in the button) Don’t know if it’s possible.

For now it will be like this, the dashboard now shows (numeric) information for all capabilities in the same way using device/capability independent and generic code. Enabling an exception like this for a particular device/capabilities will require custom code for such device/capability which I’m reluctant to do at this moment.

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Not sure if the orange lights on Unifi devices is the way…?
What if they are white when offline and green when online? And not orange when offline…
Did not understand the logic of that. :thinking:

That’s open for discussion, this is the initial implementation.
In my opinion away would be greyed out (like when a light is off) and at home would be white (like when a light is on)
I don’t want to add to much different colours, I don’t want it to look like a seventies Christmas tree :joy:

(And I see you are not only using it for presence detection, but also device states, in that case it would make more sense to use the same indication as for lights)


Yes. I agree. Doing it same as the lights as you mention is a great idea.
A lot of colours will definitive kill it… I like it simple :smile:
Again great work on this. :+1:

Great functionality Guy’s !
To questions, what does the settings button?
How to get the others devices in this web view?

To get devices, you have to add them in favorites in Homey app
The settings does not have a function yet. Probably in near future, I dont know.

Got HomeyDash on my cheap android tablet (7 inch) The icons are a bit small is it posible to scale this?

What theme are u using?
I think theme=ipad has a bit bigger icons :thinking:

i am using web, will try ipad.

@Gisle_Johnsen THX! will do that

Settings button doesn’t do anything yet, will be doing this in the future

(and more)