Homey Widget

I am a true lover off Homey. But also critical and have posted some topics about what I don’t like from Homey or what is annoying about customer support.

But the newest release off Homey introducing Homey Widgets is just awesome. I absolute love it.

Keep up the good work!


Agreed! :facepunch:t2:

I’m glad there are widgets now, but I would have prefered if they used the 1x1 icon widget on Android, that way I would have been able to customize my flows in Nova Launcher with icons and group them in folders.

Still widgets is awesome, was waiting a long time for that!

on my phone (Samsung S6) it is a 1x1 icon ( Favorite Flows 1 x 1 )

There is a difference between a 1x1 widget (what it is now) and a 1x1 icon widget (or shortcut)

The main benefit of 1x1 widget is that it would be able to show state, something that would be awesome if it represented a switch allowing me to quickly view state of things .

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Widget resizing on Android is coming very soon!
Beta can already be tested; see screenshot below:

It has not yet arrived (as beta) on my Android phone, but on my iPad an update has already arrived with the above changelog.

Yeah, we noticed!

Yeah, if you follow all topics or sort on latest additions…
I know it’s much asked for, so would only be nice to let people know, isn’t it? :wink:

One more addition: noticed that emoticons are now being copied to the widgets as well. Can be of a lot of help too, since you cannot increase the font size for widgets alone on Android…

Ofc m8. It’s just confusing that there are so many topics about just 1 and the same thing: widgets. No offence, just for (new) users it’s hard to find what u need.

My best guess would be the latter and ur right: I don’t care and wondering why I am involved in this. Sorry!

Come on Homey! You can do this better. Icons where I can choose an icon myself and Widget Sliders for lamps. This way everyone can make a dashboard.