Homey Webhooks don't work anymore

Hello everyone, I’ve been using webhooks on my homey pro 2019 for quite some time. Since this afternoon, however, they no longer respond. I can’t open the address http://webhooks.athom.com/myhomeynumber in the web browser either. Is there a problem with Athom by any chance?


Hi Jan,
I don’t recognize your webhook format. Anyways, these are the webhooks to use:

  • Local webhook, for Pro 201x only:

Sorry, the text should only serve as an example. I use Livisi Smarthome and transfer data to the Homey 2019 pro with the http request. This has been going smoothly for years, until this afternoon. Nothing has been changed on my system, it seems like http://webhooks.athom.com is not responding.

I think I solved the problem. I’ve changed http to https and now https://webhooks.athom.com/webhook/54675544… works fine :+1:

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