Homey v7.x.x

Homey v7.0.1
[Core] Fixes a number of issues with device timeline
[Core] Fixes an issue related to Device#addCapability() which could result in wrong capabilities being assigned to devices
[Apps] Update Homey Apps SDKv3 to include a default debounce value of 250ms for Device#registerMultipleCapabilitiesListener()
[Flow] Fixes an issue that prevented “less/greater than … “ Flow cards to become available for extended capabilities
[Z-Wave] Improve S2 decryption of incoming messages
[Z-Wave] Fixes an issue that could cause COMMAND_CLASS_METER_V1 reports not to be forwarded to apps
[Z-Wave] Various improvements to the interview process
[Z-Wave] Send BASIC commands with security
[Z-Wave] Respond to S2 nonce get even when battery node is sleeping
[Z-Wave] Fixes an issue with BASIC reports
[Z-Wave] Fixes an issue with CRC16 encapsulated commands without data

Note: device timeline items will be removed after updating to this version in order to solve an issue. This will not affect any other Insights and Homey will automatically generate new timeline items in the future.

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Inmiddels is v7.1.0 stable

  • [Core] Add ManagerSafety
  • [Core] Address memory leak issue
  • [Zigbee] Add light capabilities to Zigbee basic devices when applicable
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