Homey V5 (Discussion about v5 before it was released to stable)

Hi! I was doing it that way you describe but it loads V 5.0.XX

Is there any other places except Homey developer place i can tick off Experimental updates?
When i was performed restore to factory default with do not keep settings i get back V 5.0.xx
BR Dario

I guess not.

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No experience myself, as I am still on v4.2.0 luckily, but for those trying to roll back, see:

This the one an only place where to disable Experimental Updates: (and it works for me)

Thanks this method work. Where , how did you found this method ??? This should be good for other user to read if they want to revert back to 4.2.
What i done whith your help:
1.After connecting to wifi , emediatly i was pressing ALT when update checking was ongoing. PS do not release ALT key otherwise it will continue with setup.
When i hold ALT i get these alternatives for selection:

Still i was holding ALT key and selected with mouse Revert to stable channel, still ALT hold and press enter.
After that load with new software started and i successfuly get back old firmware.
Forget to mention that i lose all settings.
Thanks for help. This make my day Happy


Have absolutely no problems with Homey 5.0 rc18, except for Vision security, Aqara and LaMetric. That only because they still havent upgraded for SDK3, but that is around the corner.

In fact, Homey has never been more stable than now with the rewrite, zigbee is a dream, its fast and its reliable, its a new Homey!


That is comforting to hear, I will wait for Xiaomi app before updating to v5. I trust that @TedTolboom will take his vacation with no interference from coding, and hopefully he have time to do this later on. No rush for my sake


Just curious: Is the number of directly connected Zigbee devices increasing with the Zigbee rewrite / firmware V5? Or is this a hardware limitation?

20 direct connected is limitation of the chip used.

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Is ikea Fyrtur remote working in v5.0?

Have you checked the app page for the supported devices?

Yes, it’s not there. Ikea on/off button is working but it’s not on the app page.

Also checked the test app? If it’s there? If it’s not on those pages I would recon it’s not supported

That’s this one, right?


It’s supported by the current test version of the IKEA app.

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Yes, that one. Do you know what cards it have?

No sorry, I don’t run the app myself and its source isn’t available so I can’t check.

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“up button is pressed”
“down button is pressed”
And the default battery alarm cards (no percentage).

Don’t have it myself, but this is what the source says.

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Duh, I forgot to search for the source on Github :woozy_face:

for information, I am now updated to 5.0.0 RC 22 and the “days off” (dutch = vrije dagen) and “sun positions” (dutch = zonnestanden) works again

all these apps except smart presence works well under 5.0.0 RC 22