Homey supported Door & Gate lock

Hi all,

I’m based in Singapore and looking to get a Door+Gate lock.

The local Homey distributor suggested
-) KeyWe Damian door+gate digital lock
-) Samsung’s P718/P728 for door lock, and DS705 Gate lock

Challenge we have now is that KeyWe seems to be out of stock everywhere and rumor is that they are pulling out of the market which is bad for aftersales if its true. Plus KeyWe Damian’s door lock relies on existing door knob, unlike the other brands that come with a push/pull handle which is aesthetically nicer.

Samsung wise, Homey distributor says the DS705 gate lock has a metal casing which hinders the Zwave connection… which is disappointing and I seem to have no other options.

Final resort would be to have a Samsung door lock, and a KeyWe gate lock but that’s just silly…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!

Hi ,

Our keywe locks have just arrived.
if u still need it , u may contact me at 82800035 gallen from my digital locks