"Homey Pro" is it really? or just "Gen 2"

With the recent V2.0 firmware release was mentioned a new Homey Pro edition.
I cant deny it, i was excited. As some of you know I am actively pushing for a better upgraded professional series on the Homey Hub.
“Only 100 euro more”, the excitement was building… clicked on “preorder now”

ummm did it take me to the pro specs page???
mustn’t have, click on Homey pro tab…nothing.

The Pro version is a dual core processor with 1 G ram. Yes you read it right. Not Quad Core 2G ram which is bare minimum in products these days and as such cost effective.
And no more inbuilt NFC reader.

So for an extra 100 euro you get hardware that is 3 years old and will be outdated (my opinion already is) in another year. And they removed the functional $10 NFC reader. value added to the Standard pro, 20 Euro hardware costs. Maybe Athom should use the Homey logic app to calculate production costs.

This is NOT PRO, this is simply version 2. I doubt you can even find the old hardware unless shifting though recycled 10 year old computers.

What a disappointment. What deceptive Name. What am I to do…

I am ordering one anyway…:unamused:


Well to be fair with Athom, if they used a quad core and 4GBs of ram for an example, they would loose money in sales over time, because it wouldnt be any reason for people to upgrade in the future. So from their perspective its a good marketing strategy… But for consumers, it’s not nessecerily a very good deal.

Also, I really wish they made the pro in a different case which would be suitable for mounting in a rack or a DIN rail. Because the casing and the looks doesn’t give me a “PRO” feeling…

But the lack of a LAN port is really disappointing…


Might want to check to see if it is available in Australia…

We’ll for what is for hardware is more then enough. I will most likely never outgrow my “regular” yet this one has 1Gb ram. Nonetheless, my next purchase will be pro as you can get ram drained easily if you install 15+ apps.

P.s. I would never order it if this thing would go to rack. I do not have a rack in my apartment nor there will be rack in any new semidetached we are planning for homey deployment.

Nope. Not for us, yet. But here is another Aussie @Emile ^^ that wants to order a Pro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(c’mon Jamie, you should also put up your hand, at least from solidarity)

Homey Pro has the same z-wave radio. Homey Pro is available for all regions that require the EU Z-Wave hardware. If there is enough demand, we might add non-EU versions later as it requires different hardware.

Too rich for my blood, with the conversion rate that’s a lot of smart sensors / cameras / devices I could have instead. Might wait to see how Brexit effects their dollar on March 29th :slight_smile:

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:rofl: come on Brexit!!!
I’m wondering if I can get a discount if they ship it in parts without the enclosure and I get the custom case proposed by Leon_van_Efferen at Homey Case Mod ???

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:sob: Waaah :sob: ( …from the UK)

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Do you really think so? I just ordered PRO.
Hmm, maybe a dual-core computer is sufficient and energy-saving than a powerful computer whose power will not be used. I experimented with Hassio on the Raspberry Pi Zero and it worked quite well … Another thing to castrate the NFC was not really needed. For an extra 100 euros there should be something extra.

this may not be necessarily true. Power consumption can sometimes be less with multicore cpu’s. Depends on their load and numerous other factors. At the very worst you would see a 30% increase, so we are talking maybe 2-3 watts. I’d much rather have a product that will stand the test of time for 5 years. The issue is, while your system may be fine now, we have seen the progression of IT lately, and without a good way to backup and move your existing system over to a new HUB, (z-wave/zigbee device included) you dont want to be attempting an upgrade every 1-2 years. And we will only see more powerful apps developed for Homey in the future, apps that require more CPU power and RAM to function. Wait to cameras are added to the Homey, or more AV and picture processing. It will happen, i just like to future proof a product as much as possible. But I do look at this from an installers perspective, the average DIY can fiddle and replace the system as often as they would like.
I mean, even before I added a device to my controller, just adding the majority of apps I wanted to the Homey it was telling me to be prepared for my poor little Homey to suffer performance issues.
And I loved the NFC reader, I cant believe according to Athom that hardly anybody used it. I already pulled mine out of the Homey and mounted it externally in the office, its very convenient and reliable.
Still any improvement is good to me, now just need to find a cheap external POE IP controlled NFC tag reader, and to get someone to write the app for it. Any ideas?

so anything new to the pro model ? or something improved ?

im a new to homey and thinking of buying one
but as you mentioned there are no change that justify the pro price.

does anyone has tried to modify your “normal” homey hardware ( aside from antenna changes ) ?

Welcome @puschie

The Pro has a better CPU and more RAM then the ‘standard’ Homey.

Other then the Antenna mods there has also been changes to the case, other then that there hasn’t been any call to change anything else.

thx @Jamie
have already seen them, they looks pretty nice and funny^^

are there any details about the “better” cpu and ram ? - i mean basic spec informations like: what type of cores are used, how much energy does they consume ? what type of ram is used, what speed do they operate ?

even its not adding much useful information, for this price they should give more details about what they are selling - currently it feels like they laughing at us…
searching for several days but still dont know what processors they are using…

Then you didn’t search well enough: athom support page

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thx but this page didnt say anything about the cpu model or what memory is used - it only shows that the new homey have less hardware

@puschie What do you want to know more about the CPU and memory?

Not sure why’ed you want to know the exact CPU, it’s an ARM processor on 1 ghz, dual core vs single core on the normal homey, and double the amount of memory (memory speed has no real benefit what so ever here)

If you really so desire, it took me 5 seconds to Google “Homey specs” to find out that it has an ARM Cortex A9 (variant) CPU.

Oo nice - not on my first 20 google pages^^.
thanks you for looking out

just want to know what im going to buy