Homey Pro (Early 2019) as Satelite

Hi all.
Some time ago, I saw a post about using Homey Pro (early2019) as a Satelite, when the new 2023 has arrivied
Anybody now anything about this, perhaps a link to this.
Best Regards Jim Denmark

UPDATE thanks to Hannes85 I found it here :O)

[APP][Pro] Homesh Controller & Homesh Satellite - Connect Homey Pro 2023 to Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource - Apps - Homey Community Forum

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Hey Jim,

Just a question (no complained), but, did you by any change search on the Forum on “Satellite”?
If you did, did you not see the App topic as first response?

I am just asking to verify that searches in Denmark are not hidding “my” topics or something like that.
Because for me (in the Netherlands) it’s the first item when you search for it, but i don’t know if language is taken into the search-action.

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Hi …
I found out that I used only 1 l (satelite), and it should have 2 ll (satellite)
But I found it thx a lot :O)
Regards Jim