Homey pro 2019 or early2023

I would like to start using hmey for my home automation.
For now I think I want to connect the following items:
Solar panels from Enphase
I have seen that the solar panels app is not yet available for Homey early 2023.
Should I wait for the 2023 version to be available or just buy the HOMEY pro 2019 version.
Is there any knowledge when the early 2023 version is available when you pre-order it now?

Thank you for your advise.


Looking for this?

Look better, since januari 2022 compatible with Homey 2023. Test version though.


Hi Dijker, thank you but I have seen that post. It is about your position in the qeue. I was wondering if anybody knows if they will be delivered in Januari or much later… taken the current electronics delivery problems in mind…


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Sorry I didn’t read your question that way,
and I don’t see a difference between that, if it is delayed it will be for everyone delayed.

Athom doesn’t communicate much about that at the moment.

If you order now and don’t get priority, you won’t receive it probably much earlier than Jan 2023,
And if they knew it would be delayed to much later they probably would have written that on the site where you order.