Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

Regarding the “Online version” of Homey Dashboard.

Can you some how change the refresh rate of the values, like temperatures and status of the icons (on/off) etc. Or some settings in chrome or what not, so it updates when the screen turns on?

most important is the temp’s, every time ill check the tablet i need to click the refresh button (Homey logo) to get the remp readings up-to-date.


@Westerlind.r Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard
you better place your question where it belongs.

Dear Rocodamelshe

I want use homey dash on windows tablet.
I want use it on personal sever.
Do you have a suggestion for a small server who is working on windows?
Thank you

Hi just use a raspberry pi where you install the local Homey.ink version from @DaneedeKruyff on and then you can use all your devices with this

Thanks for the answer

But I don’t want to have many materials!.
Homey box- tablet - raspberry

I am sure some people can give me a some server on windows.

Then the best thing to do is use Homeydash dot com. No materials needed and free of charge. Adjustable to ur own needs. What else do u want?

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Ok noted can you juste tel me what kind of server I need… Linux., php, jsin etc cc to run it

As @Rocodamelshekima said, “No materials needed”
So you don’t need any server. The answer is in the link. :grinning:

You do need server if you want to stay in standard format… I want to have the possibility to change the css so I need a server

Then any server will do, a NAS, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi.

Yes, i even run it on my android phone with httpserver by apache from appstore

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Today I updated my version of homey.ink to the latest master version ( of @DaneedeKruyff / homeydash. If you use my version, please let me know, I like to hear that. NOTE: This is not the beta version of homeydash

you can find my version at https://github.com/Homeycornelisse/homey.ink
see also the link at the beginning of this topic


That is not HomeyInk, I think you are looking for the HomeyDash thread.

no, this is exactly the topic I was looking for. but homeydash is also partly homey.ink based on that, so I think it should belong here.

Looking great! Is this only possible to run local? Or also as a Web version. I’m now using the ipad theme. How to use this one as a theme?

My version can only be run locally. If you want to choose a theme you can change the link
(theme = ipad & lang = nl & token =) or you can tap on the three lines in the top right corner then you get the settings page just like with homeydash where you can also choose a theme

So no need for internet in your version?
And what settings can you change in the settings menu? (background pic/opacity etc)

You can run my homey.ink/Homeydash version locally on your own server or raspberry pi, but with the homeydash capabilities. in the image below you see the settings page


homeydash.com can also be, feature complete, used locally without the need for an internet connection when you run it on your own server, see https://github.com/daneedk/homeydash.com

These are the available settings:


It works, have it on my fourth tablet (and last one). But i have 1 question, what the differens between urs and Danee (i know you use his release to mod)? I cant see any diff, accept the icons in the right corner?

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