Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

You better look at the other version, that already has a choise for different languages

Otherwise To run it locally (source from github ):

npm i -g serve
git clone https://github.com/athombv/homey.ink.git
cd homey.ink
serve -p 5000 app

U can also download the files from github and run it on ur own server.

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Thank you @ Jpe4619,
I had seen the git, I’ve recovered elsewhere but, it does not work with the French language.
That’s why I ask if there is a more recent depot with the choice of language.


this is the choice in Homey Dash, (so not Homey.ink) you’r sure you don’t want

have look at GitHub - daneedk/homeydash.com: Dashboard for your Homey

Thank you @ Jpe4619,
The last deposit git is the one I was looking for!
This is great!

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Regarding the “Online version” of Homey Dashboard.

Can you some how change the refresh rate of the values, like temperatures and status of the icons (on/off) etc. Or some settings in chrome or what not, so it updates when the screen turns on?

most important is the temp’s, every time ill check the tablet i need to click the refresh button (Homey logo) to get the remp readings up-to-date.


@Westerlind.r Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard
you better place your question where it belongs.

Dear Rocodamelshe

I want use homey dash on windows tablet.
I want use it on personal sever.
Do you have a suggestion for a small server who is working on windows?
Thank you

Hi just use a raspberry pi where you install the local Homey.ink version from @DaneedeKruyff on and then you can use all your devices with this

Thanks for the answer

But I don’t want to have many materials!.
Homey box- tablet - raspberry

I am sure some people can give me a some server on windows.

Then the best thing to do is use Homeydash dot com. No materials needed and free of charge. Adjustable to ur own needs. What else do u want?

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Ok noted can you juste tel me what kind of server I need… Linux., php, jsin etc cc to run it

As @Rocodamelshekima said, “No materials needed”
So you don’t need any server. The answer is in the link. :grinning:

You do need server if you want to stay in standard format… I want to have the possibility to change the css so I need a server

Then any server will do, a NAS, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi.

Yes, i even run it on my android phone with httpserver by apache from appstore

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Today I updated my version of homey.ink to the latest master version ( of @DaneedeKruyff / homeydash. If you use my version, please let me know, I like to hear that. NOTE: This is not the beta version of homeydash

you can find my version at https://github.com/Homeycornelisse/homey.ink
see also the link at the beginning of this topic


That is not HomeyInk, I think you are looking for the HomeyDash thread.

no, this is exactly the topic I was looking for. but homeydash is also partly homey.ink based on that, so I think it should belong here.

Looking great! Is this only possible to run local? Or also as a Web version. I’m now using the ipad theme. How to use this one as a theme?

My version can only be run locally. If you want to choose a theme you can change the link
(theme = ipad & lang = nl & token =) or you can tap on the three lines in the top right corner then you get the settings page just like with homeydash where you can also choose a theme