Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

An easier way to do this:
After a successful logon at homey.ink click on the link in the console.
When the page is loaded replace app.homey.ink/?theme=kobo-h2o in de address bar with homeydash.com/?theme=web

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thanks for the tips… but i don’t see the app.homey.ink link? do i need to upload a file to go further?

Open the page in Chrome. After logging in hit F12 or any other key to open the console, and then choose console

Damm… you guys are great!
it works! thanks for support :slight_smile:

Anytime. The link btw is https://homeydash.com/?theme=web&lang=en&token=TOKEN

As there is a bit of confusion about different versions of the Homey ink we created a seperate topic for the online version. So for the Homeydash.com version, the online version , please go to this topic.


I was asked by a friend if it is possible to make a info panel, same as battery, but with temp and moisture from all sensors… ?
Good idea ? :thinking:


Would it be possible to display stuff from specific rooms? Rather than favs thus I can customize each tablet in each room to just display what’s in that room

From the first post:


Reply in the new topic:

Tried this, but get for every user the same token. So one token for one homey

For me this works, create different homey users, activate these, then go to homey.ink logon with your other users, copy the token for that user, have 3 different tokens now

@Peter_de_Vos ^^

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Will give it another try

Peter, can you release your version of it? i like it :slight_smile:

@DaneedeKruyff is it correct that i now can’t switch between sensor info anymore?

also i now have a few light group’s i can’t turn on or off anymore?

Edit: never mind… just seen that there is a new community page for homeydash.com xD found my solution!

Sorry, at this moment i already have changed the files so much that i can't reproduce a general usable copy....
Best thing is to scroll op, download the zip from one of my posts, edit the homey.ink.app.js and add the code from the post you replied to.

Forget the above. I realized i just had to download the zip myself and adjust it… :stuck_out_tongue:
So it’s adjusted and it now includes the dim function.
Download it from this post: Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

Succes this time😄

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Showing the devices from another user in an i-frame in a pop up modal works great!