Homey.ink, an e-ink Homey dashboard

The results on my Kobo Aura HD

I immediately have to addmit I am not an CSS guru!
I just do something until it looks nice for me. and Probably al lot of CSS code can be optimized.

Anyway, I want to share the result and I created a Pull Request to share if from Emiles official repository!
Use it, learn form it, help me to learn CSS and optimize or re-use it and show us your results!

My code is now here:

The “Screenshot” is made on Windows as I don’t know how to do that on the Kobo.
Below the Pictures also some device specific Tips!

And on the device with Backlight on!

(btw: The temperature above was a joke, there is no decimal in the Athom dashboard possible :wink: )


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How do you run it on your pc? I can’t get it to work properly on my pc so i can play around with css

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Instructions from Github,
See tips now available above … Serve the right folder (bug/incorrect doc.) and Enable traffic thru Firewall.

Good luck!

Sorry wasn’t clear. I meant running the homey.ink directly. how to get the token etc I don’t have a kobo but wanted to see what it looks like on pc

I guess this is a Windows issue, on macOS it works just like the README suggests.

To get the token:

  • visit https://homey.ink and open your browser’s developer tools (I use Chrome)
  • scroll down to “Setup instructions” and log in with your Athom account
  • after logging in, look at the developer tools console, which should contain a log entry that looks something like this:image
  • right-click on that URL to copy the link address to the clipboard
  • paste into a new text file (or something) to see the full URL, and change https://app.homey.ink to http://localhost:5000; the result is the URL that you can use to access the server running on your local PC

Emile created today a Web theme for Ink and accepted my theme for the Kobo Aura HD.

Current themes:

  • Kobo Aura H2O ( ?theme=kobo-h2o )
  • Kobo Aura HD ( ?theme=kobo-aura-hd )
  • Web browser ( ?theme=web )

so copy the URL from the developer inspect console and just change that part of the URL

an example of the web theme from Emile is here:

(made with Coherence on a Mac.)

EDIT: Just to inform,
Tested the Web theme on other ahum… browsers: IE, Edge and also FireFox don’t work correct at the Moment. Not sure if/when this will be fixed!

For me it works good on Chome!

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Maybe a stupid question,

But is this not just a web page wich can also be used using a tablet??

Correct, but the token does’t expire and you have only limited access so safe for a dashboard based on an eReader or a tablet.

Easy installation!

I think this looks quite interesting. But it would be nice if you could have different favourite flows and devices on the tablet/dashboard compared to your phone app.
Maybe you’d like to have several tablets around the house or just have different devices than your phone.

From what I understand this is not possible today, or am I wrong?

Make 17 extra users on ur Homey. All can have different favorite devices. Log in with another user on another tablet and u can make 18 different tablets


anyone an idea why favorite devices can only be real devices? (like lights or switches)
I added the the Thermostat, couple of thermometers an doorcontacts to my favorite devices but that don’t show up in the dashboard

anyone an idea?

Just on/off devices for now

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It was a hacky Friday project, so 1 day only.
Adding all views to control all other types of devices will take several more weeks.

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How I would love to have more programming skills and pick it up where you left it… :wink:

Great work!!

Love it!!


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That Homey.ink works perfectly on my Raspberry Pi. Now I can finally use my Pi again as a dashboard


the “thuis”, “weg” and, “slapen” icons… that you use which app is that? virtualbutton?

yes that is the virtual devices app