Homey & hotwater tank temperature


I have a Daikin Altherma 3 with Onecta app and 230liter Hotwater boiler. I’m new to Homey but so far as I can tell, it’s not possible to set the temperature of the boiler with the homey app (i.c. if the price of my dynamic energy contract <€ 0,00 I want to raise the temperature to 59 degrees C), as soon as the price is > €0,00 I want it to return to ‘normal’ state (50 degrees C).

Not sure if you have any idea, but I guess you might know: is there any time soon a possibility to set the hotter tank temperature via Homey? Thx for your time,


In he Homey app-store on the app-page “/app/climate.onecta.daikin/Daikin-ONECTA/”

In the change-log, there is this line:

5 jul 2023
Added target_temperature sensor for Altherma3 and Altherm3_geo hotwatertank

there is a contact mail-address, you better contact this developer:


Heb je een probleem met deze app? Neem contact op met de ontwikkelaar per e-mail.

Hm yes, it’s read only. So I can read the temperature in the ‘if’ state but I cannot set it.
I will contact the developer. Thx :slight_smile:

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If you can read it, you can switch it off at 40, and switch it on when prices are low. Probably you can manually set the temperature higher, say 60, and switch if off by Homey when the temperature is 50 and prices are high. And switch it on when prices are low.

Good one thx!