Homey does replace true with ✓


I found that booleans are treated differently then before. I can’t tell exactly since when but I recently updated from Homey Pro 2019 to Homey Pro 2023 and with that from Version 8 to 10.

When I send a boolean to my Node Red dashboard or to a java script, I can no longer test for true or false but have to check if the passed character is ‘✓’ or ‘x’.

Thus I’m wondering if someone else discovered the same behavior and especially how I can change to the previous behavior.

Thanks in advance.

I can reproduce it, and it’s pretty annoying. I posted a question about it on Slack: Slack

EDIT: @Caseda told me this was already reported to Athom back in August, but apparently hasn’t gotten any priority. For now, you can try using something like this in a flow card:

{{ (variable === '✓') ? true : false }}

(replace “variable” with the actual tag)