Homey died, setting up new Homey

Couple of days ago my homey-pro died. First every now and then it would seize up, maybe once/twice a week. A PTP would do the trick. Up until few days back. A PTP did nothing. Swapped powerbrick for new one. Also nothing. Contacted Athom. They told me to contact retailer to swap for new one. Currently in RMA process.

My question is, are there any tips and tricks for setting up new/wiped Homey with putting back flow backups? I now I have to add all my >150 devices. But any recommendations on order of steps, first update homey,
what to avoid, would be highly appreciated. Maybe there is already a good forum item, checklist?

Thanks :+1:t2:

Do you already have Homey Backup?

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Yes, very happy that I do have a backup. Are the backup instructions the propper way to go?

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If I remember correctly, my new Homey detected that I had a backup during the initial setup and asked if I wanted to restore it. I just selected yes and it did the rest.

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Thanks, just heard it’s going to a licenced repair facility. Now need to be patient…