Homey Devices and Usability - Easy to very Complex (Nerdy)

I already thought about replying my reaction below to this from Peter before the other (Latest) reactions where this thread went verry off-topic. Realizing that, I think there is still a valid discussion but that again isn’t a discussion for the [APP][Pro&Cloud] Shelly Topic.

Therefore Moved to a new Topic, Homey Devices and Usability - Easy to very Complex (Nerdy)
@Peter_Marup If you prefer this Topic not starting with your Post let me know I can fix that.

”For geeks only” label on it, I didn’t find one on mine.

Correct, but there is a sort of Usability Label on every product,
To categorize A = verry Simple to N = Verry Complex (Nerdy)

It is hidden behind the Price Tag. :wink:
And surprisingly it often is inversely proportional to the Price in it’s category of devices.

To show you:

  • Category A = Very Easy
    – Homey Pro isn’t cheap, but pretty simple to use in it self;

  • Category B = pretty Easy to C = Easy
    – Z-wave devices (Often with Official Apps, but also Community Apps), often simple to connect;
    – Zigbee devices (fe IKEA Trådfri)
    – Many Athom official Apps, HUE using the Bridge,
    – Cloud Connected with nice API Authorizations (fe NetAtmo and many others)

  • Category N = Very Complex (Nerdy)
    – Devices, often cheap / verry affordable and often widely available in supermarkets etc.
    but either No official integration and sometimes needs a Developer Account (like Tuya) or custom (Hacked) Access using Tokens, sometime needs Fixed IP to get it stable

Lucky Homey still provides the option to have Category N connected, Nice for the nerds and many are happy to Help here on the community.

But as we often Say: Cheap is Expensive…

Moved out of the Shelly Topic.

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