Homey demo

Homey is great and has many features and functions.
The biggest drawback for new users is the lack of documentation and descriptions of how to take advantage of what it has to offer.
If I’m wrong and its there, its very well hidden and not easy for newbies to find it.
So would it be possible to have a demo site with virtual devices, flows and apps to better show its potential?
Maybe a bit like how supported devices (talks with Homey) are listed?

Have you seen https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us

Yes, but info provided there seems to just barely scratches the surface of what Homey ca do.
As an example, I’m struggling to find info on how tags work and can be used.
Please provide more advanced examples there and that will be a start.
It’s maybe very easy once you get the hang of it, but many like me will appreciate some guidance to get going.

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I know someone who made a very nice post for that.

Try the search function on the forums.

Well, it’s just what u think of it. Like u stated for the tags and how they work u just type in the search box" how to use tags" and voila, there are the results.
If this post is just about a possible lack of documentation on the Athom site then i would suggest u send them a request for just that.
If it’s about not finding any info at all anywhere then , well, this forum is full of info! U will be amazed!

@Jastro, Sorry for my succinct reply, I was on my mobile and was hoping it would quickly solve your issue. First let me say welcome to our little community!

Honestly I don’t disagree with you, it can be a little overwhelming starting out with a device which does so much. While there is a bunch of information, documents, videos, blog, forums - the central place is the support system.

So I would suggest that any questions you personally have - if there is not a support article for it , please let us know and we will pass that information along (hopefully along with where you found the answer). I can attest that the Athom support team have been incredibly helpful with this.

And if you are unable to find the solution to your question (after searching the forums) feel free to ask here and our awesome community will help out, once again let us know and we will see if a support article is appropriate.