Homey Community App Store

I guess one problem is where to host the website and who would pay for it?
I’m no expert so maybe there are free options about.

Just installed the nuki app from the community app store, and :+1: :+1: impressive. really good work you guys.


Tried to install it on an iMac with MacOS 10.13 but I get an error when launching the app. I saw that the minimum requirement is 10.15 but sadly all our money goes to smart home gadgets and not to a new iMac :frowning:

If you like I could offer to host a website for you, free or charge (and you get full Plesk access). Even if it just shows whatever github has. Over time there might be someone who would like to administer a real website.

PM me if you are interested.

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@DidierVU I am in the process of rewriting the entire desktop app so I will look into this.

@RNLDNKP Thanks, however I need a server for storage and custom api’s. I am investigating AWS for this. First 12 months is free, after that community funding is most likely necessary to keep this running.

I’ve been thinking about the website idea I mentioned to @MaxvandeLaar while i still think it’s feasible things woud be a lot simpler if the “apps.json” is consistent…
e.g. some developers use the default “master” and others “alpha” which is annoying programming wise, ideally there should only be a “master” entry or the location of the apps’ “app.json” could be provided…

Would that be an option?
Also did you guys setup a slack channel to discuss ?

Follow the link on the first post and check under “Contact”.

oops :slight_smile:

@Techniman, so I am completely dropping all my current code and I am no longer going to rely on developer using Git correctly. This also will allow me to support closed source apps. In the future apps must be submitted as zip file to a location for review and that zip will be used to install the app. I also learned that I cannot rely on developers using NPM correctly so dependencies MUST be included in the zip. This will slow down the download for all apps and will increase storage costs for the Store however I have little choice.

that’s indeed another option, also this will impact the possibility for people to “self-host” and have the semi-automatic install we discussed.

But if you are going to support closed source apps w/o a link to the source how are people supposed to check the code for malicious code (e.g. the comment from Joolee)

But if you are going to support closed source apps w/o a link to the source how are people supposed to check the code for malicious code (e.g. the comment from Joolee)

Well, you can’t. This is definitely a downside using this method, but we get much more in return. However, if I want the Homey Community Store to ever be a decent competitor I need to introduce this to add more features. It will then come down to trusting us. Do you trust us enough that apps in the store aren’t malicious? I mean… you trust Athom for this, so why not trust us? For apps with public repo’s a link to the repository will be visible however, I cannot ensure this is the same code as in the store and surely it is always possible we miss something as we are all human.

In the end… installing an app locally (as the HCS does) it is never truly closed source by the way as the app always needs to be downloaded to your computer before it can install it.

true :slight_smile:

YOU guys ROCK :star_struck:


Nice! I’ve downloaded it immediately. I’m quite new to Homey (1 week user, used Homewizard before), but I’m so glad to see that there’s actually an active community of like minded people, even if the mothercompany, Athom, isn’t that progressive as some would like.

Unfortunately I got this error while installing the LG WebOs Plus app. First I got the message that the install wil take place soon and I shouldn’t close the store, and after 10 seconds I received this error. Tried twice now.

I’m using Windows 10 Pro and extracted the zip and ran the .exe as administrator. Have to mention that I’m trying this from a remote location, so I’m not connected to the same network as Homey is.


After some clicking around I totally agree with this one. For example, I had ‘HomeyKit’ already installed via the Athom store, and came across the version in the Community store. So I was somewhat confused if this was another (bèta) version or something? But than concluded that it has to be the same app, the only difference is the version (3.0.17 vs 3.0.16 @ athom store), because you’re directly loading the GitHub Repo.

So if a app gets rejected at the normal store, add it in the community store, and otherwise, if it got approved, then remove it. How do you guys think?

Or maybe is a ‘label/button’ with the text 'This app also exists in the Official Store’ enough.

Hi @bdnl, Thanks for trying the store… To be honest, I am not going to look into this issue due to current progress on compleet redesign of the store. Next version will be a website instead of a desktop app and allows remote install of apps. I think I’ll need another week or 2 to finish it.

Last line of your comment reveals your issue. The current desktop app cannot install apps remotely, only when connected to the same network as the Homey. It is possible I forget to mention that somewhere :wink:


No Problem! I’ll give it try when I’m at home; I was too curious here at work :wink: Looking forward to your new version!

EDIT: Got home and it worked like a charm! The TV now notifies me when someone is at the door :blush:

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And there is more to come. Stay tuned!


No idea why i missed this topic, must have been heavily sedated by Prestige. :thinking: :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work guys. :+1: :ok_hand:

Downloaded the Windows app already, will try some on my test unit the coming week.

Thanks for work.
But i need an Installer for Linux.