Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)


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Thanks for your quick reply but that answer didn’t make any sense to the context of what I had asked and the subject of the thread…

Fixed ? ?

@Russell_S just fixed the link
Only added a new app to the list which I saw coming up in the recently added

Don’t shoot the messenger :wink:


Just one other miscellaneous thing to ask ? , nothing to do with you in person.

It’s probably just a bug with the forum but not not long after my last post (30 min ago) that HA link in your post showed 5 clicks visited but after my post it now shows as one visit .

It’s something that shouldn’t change , or go backwards.

Sorry if i sound stupid but your last response also didn’t answer what I asked in regards to why HA is an App in Homey …

It’s like Windows 11 having IOS as an optional install or add on . :upside_down_face:

When you edit the link it will edit/reset the counter.

I was thinking the same. Especially for Homey bridge :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I was only thinking about fixing the link :sweat_smile:

Got reply from support alr, they’re open for suggestions.


  • It overwrites the Community Home Assistant app on Homey Pro without notice !
  • It uses almost triple the RAM (26MB) as HCS HA app (9.5MB), but this can vary on other systems
  • It works on both Beta and Pro
  • You can select http or https connection

Request just made @ Athom HQ:

    • Sort devices list in alphabetical order. Can’t find anything now.
    • The whole list is ticked by default…, so all my 528 devices will be installed and that is not a good idea :grimacing:
      → So please create a Select All/None button set


Wow! Nice. That’s was not expected. HA app by Athom… ánd Homey Cloud compatible.
Checking it out now :grimacing:

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All good Mart, :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks that makes more sense . :smile:

You guys answered back so quickly it might of put the conversation out of sync but I think I understand the situation now.

The change in the visited link counter is a forum quirk …

Im just curious though , where did the source of the announcement of the HA app come from ? , . Was it Athom playing a prank or something ?

As I said before , it’s like Windows having Mac natively on it … hehe


Gardena seems to be OK again.


and updated the Opening post.
Removed the incomplete list of Pro Only apps, please check the official App store for

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So finally a separate app store for the Homey cloud/bridge! Nice.

That makes this wiki overview obsolete imho. What do you think?


Indeed I think updating the list isn’t that priority anymore, this now can be seen as a global overview of the current status for Homey beta ~ 82 apps available for Homey vs > 540 apps for Homey Pro.

Ok, to make the list of Apps for Homey Pro only at this moment:



Wow! Impressive. My finger hurts from scrolling the list :sweat_smile:

What a waste of space.
Now the topic is even more unusable.
Matches the bridge in general :sweat_smile:
Nothing works at all and no update sice three weeks on the official beta status.

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I just bought the Homey Bridge and want to readout my P1 meter. I prefer to use HomeWizard for this but I see this is not supported. Any info if this will ever be supported?

Never, while it needs a local wifi connection.

Thanks @Peter_Kawa. Can any other Homey except for the Pro version use the HomeWizard? This overview https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/360015447093-Comparing-the-existing-Homey-Pro-models- isn’t 100% clear. If so I will get a 2nd handed 2018 or 2019 version.

All ‘white ball’ Homey models have the same options with connectivity, and are called ‘Pro’ since the launch of Homey beta.

I own a used early 2019 with 512MB RAM. There’s also an early 2019 with 1GB RAM and dualcore cpu, what used to be THE Pro version
All earlier models are 512MB/singlecore versions.
Athom used to have 2 models, the Homey and the Homey Pro, as per the list you linked to.
But they decided to call the new Homey beta cloud “Homey”, and all ‘white balls’ Homey Pro.

I must confess 512MB RAM is not much if you like to experiment with all kinds of apps. But it runs 30 apps without a problem.
I have these apps running atm:

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