Homey Arduino variable names

I’ve succesfully written an Arduino sketch that sends temperature, relative humidity and pressure data from an ESP32 + bme280 to my Homey Arduino App. After the DHT11 example I’ve named the vars like this:

Homey.addCapability("measure_pressure"); (this one was a wild guess)

Without telling the Arduino anything, Homey decides that my humidity is probably relative humidity expressed in %, temperature is degrees Celcius and pressure is mbar/hpa. How does it know that and how do I name my other variables to get the same goodness with my other sensors? I have a CO2 (MHZ14a) and particle sensor (PMS5007). I have no idea how to name the variables.

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Thank you very much!

I see some things are not in there, but it’s a great starting point for me

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Psst, might I suggest using ESP Easy? Disclaimer: App by me

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I will check it out!